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Conservation to us does not mean prohibition; it requires that the protection of species and habitats is balanced with their sustainable use. Through our work we try to analyze human actions on the environment and try to mitigate any damage that is done, as well as we support the consideration into a multidisciplinary way of ecology, economics and social.

Except for scientific results our studies provided information regarding the human impact in the amphibians and reptiles populations, too. This information was then used to compile reports about the ways of mitigation keeping in mind not only the ecological value of conservation, but at the same time the economical and social value of them. For example for the overexploitation of P. shqipericus, P. kurtmuelleri and P. epeiroticus, due to exporting to other countries found a few decades ago, the necessary biological information like time to avoid collection and other regulations and ways of mitigation were provided to the supervising institutions and make a big change in the populations of these amphibians, preventing further overexploitation of their populations in Albania.

If you would like to get involved in helping HAS to develop conservation of the amphibians and reptiles in a country or region scale please visit our ‘get involved‘ page.