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Herpetofauna Albanian Society

Get Involved

The Herpetofauna Albanian Society invites you to take part in the conservation of the amphibians and reptiles of Albania. We have done our best in contributing to research, and expanding public awareness, but as a relatively small non-profit organization, your help is always needed.
Volunteer with us

If you would like to help out or get involved in any way you think might help us,  please let us know by register yourself on our volunteer page, or just come and enjoy the day
at our Patok Centre.

Internship opportunities
If you are a student of biology, veterinary science, or similar discipline, a limited number of internships are available every year for an exceptional field experience that will undoubtedly shape your perspective on the nature conservation.
If you have seen an amphibian, reptile or other interesting animal, or something
else of concern for the well being of the terrestrial and marine environment, please
report your sighting to us.
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  • Internship opportunities
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Volunteer with us

    Internship opportunities