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Our team

Our Team

All these are realized by a team of scientists and residents that:

  • Have committed to the development of research projects and conservation actions
  • Developed the Patok Center as a focal point and leading facilities in the country for science and education.
  • Dedicated their time to ensure our continued ability to deliver on our ambitions.
    This team is directed and coordinated by our two tireless colleagues:

    Prof. Idriz Haxhiu, PhD


    Idriz has 45 years of experience on herpetology. He is the first Albanian biologist to conduct detailed studies for reptiles and amphibians in Albania. Idriz received the PhD studying the taxonomy, biology, ecology and behavior of reptiles in Albania. He is author of many books and papers relating reptiles and amphibians, received the title Professor in 1999 by University of Tirana, and decorated with the Order “Naim Frasheri i Arte” for his contribution on the biological sciences by the president of the Republic in 2014.

    • In case you would like to contact Idriz, contact him by e-mail: idriz_haxhiu@yahoo.com